I have never been one for outmoded recruitment clichés, but perhaps the one I detest most is that you need “a round peg for a round hole”. When talking about people, careers and the commercial future of clients, that is a simplification beyond the pale!

 Nevertheless it is worth reiterating that ‘recruiters’ like ourselves here at JML really can add value, not just to our instructing clients, but importantly to our candidates’ career search journeys as well.

 To illustrate my point, let me recount a recent experience in the field, which was by no means unique. I met, appraised and assessed an excellent candidate with strong career potential, and subsequently approached a client indicating that this talented individual would dovetail beautifully into their vacant role. Pleasingly, this single consultancy recommendation resulted in an appointment – a happy outcome for all concerned. 

 This wasn’t luck. It was the result of knowing our market, recognising talent wherever and whenever we find it, and having the courage of our recommendation convictions.

 You could call it “a hole in one”, yes, but in reality it was so much more. So if you are in the Watch and Jewellery sector and contemplating recruitment, we have the knowledge here to do all parties proud, so lift the flag now!

 Jolyon Marshall

Accord Marketing