Corvette - 360x360.jpg

Even while recently holidaying on the Costa Blanca, my mind never strayed too far from my passion for supplying my esteemed clients with talented candidates worthy of their investment.

Sitting in a Spanish Steakhouse one evening, I observed a group of bikers who were obviously well-known and frequent visitors to the establishment. One in particular caught my imagination: obviously “living the dream”, he had parked alongside a gleaming red Vintage Corvette motorcar.

Along with most of the other diners I was intrigued by this leader of the pack, and couldn’t help but notice the plethora of Tattoos covering most of his limbs, which even without looking too closely obviously told the story of his life.

What particularly struck me was a clearly marked slogan which scrolled its way down his right calf: “Lost time is never found”

As course after course appeared in front of me, I pondered on how very true and apt this saying was, particularly for those of us in the watch industry…

Being keen to put personality back into recruitment, which after all is a people business, I thought I should pay homage to this gentleman. I told myself: “A change is due – let’s go Tattoo!”

When I shared this story with our Lead Senior Account Manager at ACCORD, she agreed it would be a fantastic new rallying cry, encouraging candidates to respond enthusiastically to the unparalleled array of great campaigns we place online.

Thus you will see our new trade marketing sporting an hourglass; and JML with wings, encouraging all to fly…

The next time you view a JML campaign, remember: there is always more behind it than you might at first imagine. So please don’t be shy - apply and you’ll find out!

Jolyon Marshall Limited