As the premier Watch and Jewellery industry recruiters, representing all the key players in our fabulous industry - brand owners, retailers, and store staff - we are perhaps uniquely well- positioned to observe and comment upon the common aims of all concerned, as well as the “own goals” that sadly continue to be scored.

As with recruitment, the Watch and Jewellery industry is fuelled by aspiration, and we are fortunate in that every store is brimming with products capable of surpassing in quality and desirability those of virtually every other High Street product category. Mantras such as “the difference is in the detail” encapsulate genuine truths, which you ignore at your peril.

The brands represented here in the UK deserve much applause for the high level of investment they make in teams of Visual Merchandisers and Sales Trainers to support in-store personnel. The opportunities for retail sales professionals to develop watch and jewellery product knowledge and expertise are hard to match, and we can confidently confirm from a recruitment perspective that sales talent is truly transferable. Irrespective of whether or not they are already familiar with the products they will be presenting to the consumer, talented applicants should not be overlooked.

Even if you already have a Watch and Jewellery background, there are many self-development opportunities open to you. Well-known and respected trade organisations are currently reinventing themselves, and are ever keen to promote industry-specific training.

In a rapidly-changing business environment, new skills are also needed in store, such as Social Media, Website Development, which create further opportunities for wider commercial training which can accelerate your retail career development. Employers within our industry recognise the value of longevity of service, and are financing training and accreditation for their valued team members, encouraging career advancement in the process.

The recruitment industry should really be viewed as a support service for all aspects of the industry, not as a “distress purchase” when things are not going to plan.

We all have the opportunity to help ourselves, and I encourage every industry player to invest in your team and in yourselves, to the maximum possible extent. You are your own greatest asset, and if you pay attention to every detail and maximise every opportunity, the industry will expand its retail market share and deservedly reap the rewards. If you want to change, you can!

Jolyon Marshall Limited