Here at JML we are used to being the agents of change, facilitating great client and candidate matches which can prove to be a winning combination.

Early in my consultancy career I was taught that the recruitment sector senses change earlier than most. Nevertheless companies in every sphere must be constantly on the lookout for the ever-changing source of competitive advantage.

One of the aspects of our profession that I enjoy most is the privilege it affords me and my colleagues of travelling across the UK, engaging in daily conversations with clients and candidates, and gauging their views about the economy and the future. Back at The Old Calf Barn we then reflect on these soundings, and I genuinely believe our insights are far more reliable than those of the pollsters and pundits!

In 2018, the quality of the teams supporting brands - be they based in the field, in store, at head office or on the bench - will be the key factor determining commercial progress or stagnation. All of us, including recruiters, will need to up our game; without doubt the market everywhere is increasingly competitive.

For career seekers, our top tip is to be ever more focused; the key motivator in considering your next move should be the placement opportunity and its potential for measured ongoing career development.

For clients, both established and new, we urge you to keep the faith and invest fully in training and developing all your employees.

Here in Hambleden, we need to hold our nerve, stay true to our understood client selection specifications, and keep all parties as helpfully informed as possible.

The onus really does rest with each and every one of us. Individual effort always has and will undoubtedly continue to win the day. Commitment must never be in short supply, and the forthcoming trading year will demand the very utmost of us all.

Happy hunting! And remember, we are always on hand to assist.


Jolyon Marshall Limited