Competitive rates of commission


Our client has been astute enough to amass a portfolio of top-selling brands, with a common thread running through all their collections, namely: originality.


All brand names are considered to be ‘cool’ and potentially fast-moving, and you could be forgiven for thinking these marques would surely not be available to a third party. The fantastic news for you - to this distributor’s great credit - is that they are!


This merchandise will appeal to the more fashionable Retail Jewellers, and comprises both Watch and Jewellery brands.


To be a prime candidate for this self-employed Sales Agency opportunity, you will have an existing network of good customers from just South of Birmingham down to the South Coast, and, in an ideal world, a gap in your portfolio that could beneficially be filled by designer fashion labels – which is just our client’s (sample) bag!


Fortunately for our client, the rest of the UK is being prospected and serviced well, leaving just this key area now requiring long term resolution.


Appreciating the nature of the challenge, there is the opportunity to take over a few already established and ordering house accounts; and for one recently-added collection, the brand principal is prepared to offer a monthly retainer to encourage and motivate the investment in time and travel required to get you off the ground.


A further advantage of the names you could be entrusted to campaign for, is that several of these collections offer both Watch and Jewellery merchandise, helpfully representing a cohesive sales package.


Your ability to open new doors must be your most potent self-marketing point, and in whichever high street you alight within your known jewellery circles, you are consistently able to raise interest and gain future listing opportunities.


As a matter of professional pride and self-discipline, you are committed to supporting your brands in-store in every way. Of course, sell-in is of critical importance, but so is training the in-store sales team to promote, sell and re-order the merchandise, rather than simply waiting for your next visit.


Your potential new agency partner has a culture of approachability, eager to provide upon request all the tools and personal support necessary to assist you in achieving your mutually-held sales goals.


Independent life, whether as a Sales Agent or a Retailer, is not without its challenges; but if, like our client, you are prepared to seek out, engage with, and support those who commit to purchasing your brands, a future association should prove advantageous for all concerned.


Please contact Jolyon to confirm that you do not presently hold any agencies that might encroach upon our client’s target market. If there is clear blue water, let your application sail forth towards the next stage. We look forward to hearing from you in complete confidence, as always – and soon!