LOCATION: Wimbledon Village, London (SW19)
SALARY: Competitive
POSITION: Permanent
POSTED: 18/07/2019



Independent Retail Jeweller and Goldsmith



Jewellery Design Background essential


Based Wimbledon Village, London SW19 



Established almost three decades ago, the Michael Platt business has continued to flourish on account of its trading distinctiveness. The store’s owner was a Master Jeweller in London’s best known Jewellery district, before moving his business to fashionable Wimbledon Village.


This is an enterprise like no other. Passionate about gemstones, diamonds and jewellery, the store delivers exceptional standards of workmanship, and offers excellent value to both its local and celebrity clientele. Specialising in offering bespoke jewellery which perfectly matches customers’ personal dreams, one-to-one consultations frequently result in the creation of truly unique pieces, designed in the showroom and manufactured by Master Goldsmiths in the adjacent on-site workshop, visible from the store. Additional aftersales services, including repairing and restoration, as well as design and redesign, are also on offer, and there is a variety of ready-made jewellery items always available for sale.


The desire now is to appoint a highly-creative, visionary Assistant Manager with a background in Jewellery Design, who can use his/her creative flair to secure further bespoke sales, in order to build the company and the brand, while remaining respectful of the company’s founding Artisan Jeweller ethos.


Qualifications and/or experience in Jewellery Design are non-negotiable, along with the ability to turn a customer idea into an initial sketch and then a scale drawing, ready for customer sign-off and manufacture. Your fascination with the entire production process - from initial brief, through design/redesign, sourcing/manufacture to final presentation of the finished item - will be daily satiated in this unique role, providing unparalleled involvement and control of these bespoke sales, with all the resulting job satisfaction you could wish for.


Ideally you have already gained an understanding of High Street Retail, and your interest in - and knowledge of - fine gemstones has been proven in front of customers.


Your experience within the trade has provided a familiarity with bespoke pieces, as well as the opportunity to test your salesmanship skills. Ideally you have also imparted to your retail colleagues an understanding of what can be proposed and manufactured on demand! A natural optimist, you are always keen to propose solutions that will create trading success for all.


Your input as regards those externally-manufactured brands that may be worthy of store placement will be welcomed, as will your proposals regarding how best to develop revenue from sources other than the traditional bricks and mortar footfall.  


In this role, your creativity will not be limited to bespoke jewellery design; your visual merchandising talents will also come to the fore with impactful and original in-store display themes, both in the window and within the premises.


Leading a small team, you will quickly gain their trust and inspire them all to perform with ever greater diligence, stretching sales performance to match the heights of customer service for which they are all so well renowned.


Over time, there is the potential for this to evolve into a full Store Management role, allowing the owners to focus their attention on the long term development of their workshop, back office and trade marketing, leaving you to carefully steer the course for the front of house operation.


The overarching goal of this critically important hire is to preserve and enhance the reputation of this store as a destination jeweller, worthy of the patronage of those who crave uniqueness in their jewellery.


This role represents a unique opportunity for a new creative face to work wonders in terms of business development. If you have what it takes, send your Jewellery Designer/aspiring Retail Manager credentials to the team at JML today.